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15 Ways To Stay Creative

15 ways to stay creative

As a small business, whether you’re a handmade business, coach, techie, entrepreneur or something else entirely, it’s really important to stay creative. Creativity can take many forms; from physical creativity for creating products, writing creativity for blog posts and content, to visual creativity for web design. These 15 ways to stay creative will help you to harness that creativity and give you a boost to power your business.

Declutter your workspace

Decluttering your workspace can help to clear your mind – as they say, tidy life, tidy mind. Plus, there’s something therapeutic about organising your office space; bonus points if you colour code something!

Turn off distractions

I promise I’m not going to make you give up your phone for long, even just turning off your devices for 20 minutes every week can rejuvenate your energy. There’s something very freeing about being disconnected from the world.

Take a break

There, I said it! Take. A. Break. Sit and read a magazine, indulge yourself in some chocolate, pamper yourself with a face mask. Take some you time and relax.

Create an inspiration board

Find something that inspires you, a topic you love. It doesn’t have to be related to your business because inspiration can strike in different forms. You can do this physically with poster board, or use good old Pinterest.

Get some plants

There’s probably some research out there that proves that having an indoor plant is good for you, or something. But really this one is more about appreciating nature, there’s nothing like a giant daisy (or your favourite flower!) to make you smile.

Find a muse

Muses can come in all different forms – it’s essentially someone you admire or aspire to be. For business owners, this could be a business expert or someone who is the reason you get up in the morning.

Take a holiday

I can’t tell you how much taking a holiday will help you, bonus points as if it is by the sea! Even if it’s just a weekend break, it will help to recharge your batteries.

Listen to music

Music is the key to the soul, and it’s amazing how inspired we can feel from singing along to some karaoke-esque tunes. Find a happy playlist on your favourite music station or browse the mood genres on Spotify.

Learn a new skill

Sometimes we can end up in a creative funk because we’ve overused one part of our brains, and by learning a new skill using a different function it enables that part of our brains to rest, thus we come back energised and ready to go.

Keep a journal

Sometimes we hit a creative block because we’re overloaded with things to remember, things we don’t know what to do with, juggling many balls and generally bossing at life. A great way to dump all of that is a journal, just bullet it down and your energy can be focused on creativity instead of hoarding information you haven’t processed properly.

Read a book

There’s something very relaxing about reading a book and fully encapsulating the world of escapism. Find a genre you love and get sucked into a new world of characters and stories. (You can also binge watch Netflix ;)) It doesn’t have to be just fiction though, you may get a creative feeling from inspirational non-fiction, personal development or business books.


Many of you will know I can’t draw for toffee – some of my attempts have been pure hilarity. So this suggestion might come across as a little bit unorthodox, but I’m not asking for the next Van Gogh. Simply putting pen to paper and drawing what comes to mind can be very freeing, even if it’s just doodles and shapes.

Express yourself on your devices

One of my favourite things about getting a new device is that I can spend time making it personalised. I like to find the perfect phone case, background, lock screen, icons and more. By expressing myself through my device, it gives me a burst of creative freedom. You can do this with any of your devices; phone, tablet, PC etc.

Get outside

Yes the British weather can sometimes make this a gruelling task – nobody likes to wander out in the pouring rain but we do get bursts of sunshine. Make the use of that and soak up some sun in the garden, or on the beach, if you’re so lucky to be near one! Even when the weather turns, layer up and go play in the leaves (or snow!)

Finish projects

I know I’m not the only one who has a billion and one projects on the go, but it’s not good for our brain (see information overload above!). By finishing some of your unfinished projects, it gives you a sense of achievement and spurs you onto to do more!

I hope this list of ways to stay creative or give you a creative boost has helped; never get stuck in the creative funk.

Have I missed any that help you?

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