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50 Social Media Tips

50 Social Media Tips & Statistics

Navigating the minefield that is Social Media can be a headache, but it’s a lot easier once you know how (isn’t that the way with everything?!). With that in mind, we’ve compiled 50 social media tips and statistics to help you on your way to becoming a Social Media master!

So let’s kick things off! In no particular order, let’s begin with some social media tips:

  • Make sure you have an account on each social media platform. Even if right now you don’t use each platform, opening an account secures your business name and prevents others from taking it.
  • Make sure you fill in the sections of each profile fully and professionally, and revise it regularly.
  • Always, always, always respond to messages, comments, wall posts, tweets etc. This will show customers and followers that you’re interested in what they have to say, and acknowledge them.
  • Don’t promote your business in every single post, make sure there is a nice ratio of promotional to other posts.
  • Make sure your website is linked with your social media profiles, this will help your ranking in search engines.
  • Network! Talk to other businesses, make connections, be friendly. It’s the best tool in business.
  • Use CTA’s (call to actions), how will followers know what you want them to do with a post if you don’t tell them? Examples include: click here, like this, share this. Although, don’t use this in excess.
  • Social media sites are fast becoming the frontline for customer service. Ensure you keep to high standards when managing customer service.
  • Don’t focus on likes/followers/connections. Focus on your reach, your interaction, those are the important numbers.
  • Always shorten URLs on Twitter, by not doing so you’re wasting valuable characters.
  • If your goal is to get people to comment and share on your posts, make sure you play fair and share and comment on others.
  • On Twitter, don’t send automatic DMs to new followers. It’s spammy, just don’t.
  • Be consistent. If your Facebook page name is “Rainbow Business”, don’t have your Twitter username different, such as, “Colour Business”, and then your website different again, “Business Time”. It’s okay to have slightly different variations, but try and keep them as consistent as possible.
  • Make sure you set aside time to network and manage your social media pages, or hire a Virtual Assistant, either way, make sure your page is manned regularly and that any messages and posts are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Facebook has over 700 million users daily!
  • Over 70% of adults use social networking sites
  • Build relationships with your followers
  • Always ask for feedback, your followers are your target market, who better to give feedback?
  • Integrate your social media profiles wholly into your business, make sure it’s on your business cards, make it known at events, and more!
  • Don’t be afraid to post things indirectly related to your business. Don’t be inappropriate, but if it will be interesting to your followers then post it.
  • Be personal. You can share things with your followers about your business without coming off as spamming them. Tell them about how your business started, tell them about the charities your business supports, and tell them about the process their order goes through.
  • Behind the scenes pictures go down really well!
  • If you’re looking to take on extra members of the team, make sure you advertise on social media. You’re likely to have a lot of interest in the job as it will quickly be seen by people looking for a job as followers tend to tag friends in things they think they’ll like.
  • Make sure your branding is consistent. Put your logo as your profile picture, make sure your cover photo maintains the image you want to portray of your business.
  • Make use of the applications, add-ons and extra software available for each platform. For example on Facebook, utilise the reviews options, the giveaway apps options etc.
  • If you upload photos of products to social media, make sure they’re correctly labelled, with prices if applicable, and if on Facebook make sure they’re in the correct album.
  • Videos go down a storm on social media
  • Ask questions, get to know your audience, start a conversation.
  • If you sell products through your social media accounts, make sure you have your terms and conditions clearly visible.
  • Make sure you adopt a clear voice and style for your brand, and stick to it. Don’t have different styles – IE. “Hello there guys, do come on over and see all of the fabulous things on our website” and “Good Afternoon, on our website you can see our full range of products”. Also, either use “me, I” or “we, us”. Don’t do a mixture.
  • Always be professional, always. This is the most important thing, don’t swear in your posts, don’t air your dirty laundry, don’t slag off other pages, don’t type in slang speak. Etc. Common sense urges you to use your best judgement.
  • Familiarise yourself with the etiquette for each platform.
  • 40 – 50% of users that like a Facebook page do so because they want to get information on discounts, sales and freebies. Reward them for this and give the people want they want! But don’t overdo it.
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules of each social media site, and ensure you follow them. Facebook in particular enforces quite an extensive list of rules, which change all the time.
  • Feel free to make use of each networks scheduling tools, but be sure to be around when they go live to respond to comments.
  • There are over 400 million tweets sent every day, be a part of that!
  • Become an early adopter. You can be part of the first wave of users. Isn’t that cool?!
  • LinkedIn is a great network for business professionals that sell a service, utilise that and make connections.
  • Make sure you keep your networks up to date, if customers stumble upon your page and find it hasn’t been updated in a while, they’ll assume you’re out of business and then that’s a customer lost.
  • Keep learning about the effects of social media, and once you think you’ve learnt everything you can, learn some more. It’s a constantly evolving part of business and consequently you need to be on top of your game.
  • Make sure you analyse your past content regularly to keep track of what type of posts work for your audience, which get the best response and engagement, and which don’t.
  • Be present. So if there’s a big holiday coming up (Christmas, Easter) or a big event (Superbowl, World Cup, Election), get involved, start a conversation.
  • Avoid controversy. It’s all too easy to get involved in heavy controversy and tempers get frayed easily and it can quickly ruin a brand reputation.
  • Ensure you have a social media marketing plan, and stick to it. Outline what you’re going to post and when, what you’re going to promote, how you’re going to do it. It will help you to be more definitive about your marketing approach.
  • Consistency is key. Don’t post 18 times one week, and not at all the next. Keep it balanced and regular.
  • Use hashtags (on all networks) with caution. There’s nothing worse than a very interesting post, filled with lines and lines and lines of hashtags. (Particularly evident on Instagram). It can appear that you’re desperate and begging for likes. Do use hashtags, however only use relevant ones, and use them sparingly. The engagement will come organically.
  • Give context, tell the users what they want to know. If you post a picture of a product on social media with no description, it will get much less engagement than a post with a clear description. Furthermore, tell the follower why this product will enhance their life, why it will be awesome for them, and why they need it.
  • Don’t be afraid to change. If something isn’t working in your social media plan, change it up, try something else. You’ll learn what works for your audience and what doesn’t, eventually!
  • Embrace criticism head on and professional. Nobody is perfect, at some point in your business you will have an unhappy customer. It’s inevitable. How you deal with their problem is the make and break of your business. Social media allows things to go viral very quickly so you want to contain the issue in a professional manner whilst providing a valuable solution for the customer. Read more on customer service and its importance here.
  • Most of all, have fun! Social media is about engaging with your followers, if you’re a robot, they won’t be engaged.

In Summary

I hope these social media tips have been beneficial to you, as always, don’t hesitate to shout if you have any questions at all. Conclusively, you can contact me and I’ll do everything I can to help!

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