My lifeline of productivity!

Lifeline of productivity

Howdy guys!

As you all know, even in my downtime I’m addicted to work and I’m constantly looking for new resources and tools. Well the other night when insomnia struck, I came across this beautiful gem of a blog called A Life of Productivity. Ever since, I’ve been addicted and it’s been a lifeline, hence the title of the blog post.

One of my favourite things about Chris’ blog is that each blog post has a little box at the beginning to explain the synopsis and the estimated reading time – super helpful for busy bees like us!

I figured lots of you would find it super useful too so I contacted Chris just to make sure it was totally fine to do so – credit where credit is due, of course!

Before I delve into some of my favourite blog posts of his, check out his TED talk about a more human approach to productivity below:

A Life of Productivity is literally full to the brim of incredible experiments and articles on the subject of productivity and as hard working small business owners, we need all of the tips we can get!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

So without further ado, here’s 7 of my favourite articles from A Life Of Productivity, even though I could probably list them all 😉

  1. Take More Breaks
    I love this one because anything that tells us to take more breaks is cool with me! Do you think he’ll do a blog post about telling us to nap? I’d be so down with that…
  2. How to live 13.6 years longer
    This one really struck with me because I’m a self confessed TV addict, especially binge watching box sets! 13.6 years is a long time and it really made me reevaluate my habits.
  3. Know much your time is worth
    You know how much I bang on about how much your time is worth and how important it is to prioritise your worth. So, naturally I included one where Chris talks about that too!
  4. Tame your inbox
    I work with a lot of clients who come to me saying “Please help I have 4000 emails and I don’t know where to start”. I spend time fixing the solution and setting up filters and various methods to avoid this happening again. This great article explains how to DIY!
  5. Change how you think about your smartphone
    Hands up, who’s addicted to their smartphone? Yep, all of us? Thought so! This has really made me think about how I think and feel about my phone.
  6. Stay productive when you don’t feel like it
    We all have those days for one reason or another that really kick our butts, it’s super hard to get going and even the basic of tasks seem the hardest. I found these really helpful and they’ve pulled me through lately.
  7. How to do active listening – and what on earth is it!
    Active listening is something that I often struggle with, because I’m such a multitasker and I’m always buzzing with ideas, excitement and everything else. I’ve tried this with my other half lately and it really helps! Give it a try.So that’s 7 of my favourite blog posts from A Life of Productivity, I really recommend checking them and the whole blog out – and say hi to Chris too, he’s lovely!

Enjoy reading Chris’ blog and really get to grips with increasing your productivity!

Ana x


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