Hi, I'm Ana - I'm the bird behind Virtual Bird

Spreadsheet lover, organisation queen & animal obsessive! 

I set up Virtual Bird in 2013 when I had been running my own hand-made craft business for a while and I realised that I was much more passionate about the administrative side of the business than the products I was making.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to strike a balance between working ON and IN their business. It turns out the the ON part is my forte and by doing it for others, it also has become my IN. If you love what you do then it shows, and I’m very fortunate to have been able to create my business around my passion.

Ultimately, I LOVE making a difference to the lives of small business owners.

It is an INCREDIBLE privilege to be able to watch the journey that every client goes through and to celebrate their successes with them. It is even more of a privilege to be able to play a small part in that success.

And my clients do succeed. A lot.

How have I helped these amazing people succeed?

Passion helps, but it’s ultimately because I am very good at what I do. I’m good because I have worked hard to develop the multitude of skills I now use to support my clients.

I’ve undertaken more courses than I can count. Everything from coaching to systems, software to leadership, I’ve studied it and I continue to do so. I’m a firm believer that we never stop learning – so I keep studying – because my clients deserve the best.

Virtual Bird has grown and changed a lot since it began in 2013. The packages you see listed on this site now have been years in the making and represent thousands of hours of development. Some of them include input from other professionals that I have met along the way and that have helped me to grow too.

None of us exist in isolation. It might feel that way sometimes, especially if we are solo business owners, but it is through the relationships that we form that we are able to really see ourselves reflected and to learn how we can grow.

It’s those relationships that inspire us, drive us and keep us accountable.

It’s my relationships with my clients that bring me joy every day.

And – without wanting to make this sound like a dating profile – it might well be your relationship with me that brings not only a smile to your face but also a massive boost to your bottom line.

So let’s talk… I want to find out about you! 

Ana x

Discovery Call

If you:

  • Need clarity on your business
  • A sounding board
  • Are ready to step up to the next level

Then book yourself a discovery call.

You get an hour of me, focused entirely on you.

We will strip everything back and gain some clarity on your business, your vision and you will get actionable tips on how you can improve what you do.