N.B I’m not really one for photos of myself, I can usually be found with some sort of animal but here’s some of my favourites!

Hi, I'm Ana - I'm the bird behind Virtual Bird

Spreadsheet lover, organisation queen & animal obsessive! 

Clients have described me as “a business fairy”, their “wingwoman”, a “techie wizz” and a “business doula”. 

I genuinely care about helping you make your business a success and helping you have a less chaotic life. 

My job is simple, I make your life easier. Whether that be through tech support, coaching, your online presence or implementing strategies and systems. 

There’s no airs and graces here, you’ll get down to earth support and hopefully we’ll have a laugh along the way!

It is an INCREDIBLE privilege to be able to watch the journey that every client goes through and to celebrate their successes with them. It is even more of a privilege to be able to play a small part in that success.

How have I helped these amazing people succeed?

Passion helps, but it’s ultimately because I am very good at what I do. I’m good because I have worked hard to develop the multitude of skills I now use to support my clients.

I’ve undertaken more courses than I can count. Everything from coaching to systems, software to leadership, I’ve studied it and I continue to do so. I’m a firm believer that we never stop learning – so I keep studying – because my clients deserve the best.

I have a sort of holistic approach because I believe you are the heart of your business and it’s important to make sure you’re in a good place first and foremost. 

One of the things that is most important when working with me is that I’m human. Life happens and it’s not Instagram perfect. If we’re on a call, my dog might bark at the postman and your child might scream for the next episode of their show. It’s all absolutely fine, it’s normal, it’s real life. That’s how we navigate life and business. 

There is no corporate facade here, I will laugh with you, I’ll cry with you, I’ll cheer you on and I’ll always be in your corner. 

So let’s talk… I want to find out about you! 

Ana x

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  • Want to clear that to-do list
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  • Are ready to step up to the next level

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