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etsy guide

Etsy Guide

Etsy is a really useful selling platform for those who create handcrafted products. Many business owners struggle to know where to start and when to take that first step. There?s a lot of information to research and digest and it can be very overwhelming so this Etsy guide will hopefully help you on your way.
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Craft Fair Tips

If you're taking a look at this article then there's a good chance you're doing or thinking about doing a craft fair soon ? if so, congratulations! These craft fair tips will help you on your way to make the most of the experience.
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How To Find The Right Lead Magnets For Your Specific Product or Service

You've probably heard all about funnels, tripwires and lead magnets, but perhaps you don't understand how they can help your business - or even what you could use as a lead magnet. This blog post will break down the uses of lead magnets, the types of lead magnets, how to use them as part of an overall business strategy and how to find the right lead magnet for your specific product or service.
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Small Business Copyright Infringement

Copyright is a very important matter to consider when running your business, and it?s often overlooked by new businesses because they believe the law doesn?t apply to them.? It does. The most common argument for small businesses infringing on copyright is because they feel that big corporations such as Disney won?t sue them and don?t care because they make enough money.? However, they do care, and they have every right too.?
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Social Media Content Ideas

Social media is a brilliant tool that should be utilised properly. Although some social networks may not be suitable for certain types of business, you?re sure to find a network out there to suit you. These social media content ideas are devised to make your life easier for each type of social network. The key to an affluent social media account is to create appealing and interesting content that your likers will be actively involved in. The idea aim is to curate relevant content that will encourage people to engage.
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How To Save Time In Business

Time management is one of the bigger obstacles small business owners have to deal with. It can be difficult to know how to strike the idea work/life balance, especially in the early days of the business. In this article we will explore a variety of ways to help you, and hopefully reducing stress and increasing your quality of life, and work. Eventually teaching you how to save time in business!
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Small Business Stocking A Shop

Many small businesses have the dream of stocking a shop with their products, and this post aims to help guide those who have decided it?s the right time to approach shops. This post will also help new businesses evaluate when it?s the right time to begin the process. Everything you need to know about Small Business Stocking A Shop is right here!
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