The benefits of JotForms by Russ from Career Guidance Charts

Benefits of Jotforms

The benefits of JotForms

This week’s blog post about the benefits of JotForms comes to you from the wonderful Russ from Career Guidance Charts.
When I wrote my favourite apps and software’s blog post, Russ got in touch to say I’d missed a really good one – JotForms. Consequently, having never used it before myself, when Russ offered to write a guest blog post about the benefits of JotForms, I happily jumped at the offer. I always like to learn about new software, therefore making both mine and your life easier.

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10 Business Problem Solvers

10 Business Problem Solvers

10 Business Problem Solvers

As small business owners, we are busy, we need business problem solvers. Most days go by where there is not an hour we haven’t thought about work, and more often than not this is due to a need to streamline our business lives – making us more productive and altogether shortening those ‘to do’ lists.

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How to Survive your First Year of Business

How To Survive Your First Year Of Business

How to survive your first year of business

According to the 2015 Business Statistics Briefing Paper, there were a whopping 5.4 million businesses registered in the UK.  Perhaps more overwhelmingly, 5.1 million of those (that’s 95%!) were classes as ‘micro’ businesses – those that employ 0-9 people. Not only that but the number of ‘sole proprietorships’ has grown by 73% – meaning more people than ever are running their own businesses. In this blog post we discuss how to survive your first year of business.

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“I’ve just spent two hours with Ana discussing my business, I really feel its been a ground-breaking moment for my business. I’ve had previous services from Ana and they were wonderful, but having the opportunity to sit down and discuss things with her from her marketing point of view has been just fabulous. If like me you find it difficult to find independent people to speak to and run your ideas past, Ana is a great service. I’ve left with so many things to think about, she really gave me an analysis of my business from an independent and consumer perspective which was very helpful. I also came away feeling very positive about my business whilst also having loads of ideas about the way forward and development. A very well spent £20, a wonderful service. Thank you Ana, I’m very confident that I will be back very soon.”


Susie – Amethyst Rose

“What can I say… Ana does an amazing job of the things that used to get me down. I now have so much more time to be creative, get out networking and grow my business in ways that I just didn’t have time for before.  Excellent quality of work, speedy responses and she most importantly understands what I am asking from her. An absolute delight to have her as part of my team.”

Jen – Freedom in Training

“Put simply my business would not be the success it is now without the help of Ana at Virtual Bird. Several fellow WAHM’s had recommended Ana’s services and my business was fairly new and quite busy but I knew there was potential for more, and being a busy single mum to 3 young children, I needed help! Ana started with a page audit and marketing but quickly took over the vast majority of my admin work and I haven’t looked back. Business is booming, I have a new website under development and thanks to Ana I can dedicate my time to production, safe in the knowledge that admin is taken care of. I can’t recommend Virtual Bird services highly enough. I anticipate working with Ana for a long time to come and now consider her a friend.”

Holly – Crease Free Clothes

“I needed help managing my social media as I simply didn’t have the time to post, nor did I know what to post to engage customers. I wasn’t familiar with what Virtual Assistants did exactly and I was apprehensive of parting with my hard earned cash. I already knew Ana as we are in the same facebook group for small businesses and we’d spoken a lot over the past couple of years.When Ana found out that I needed help managing my social media, customer enquiries and other admin duties, she immediately got in touch and explained what she could offer. I instantly knew I’d made the right choice. Customer engagement increased, my social media reach increased, and my sales increased. Ana is extremely professional and did a lot of research on my business and the products I sell. She has completed a spreadsheet detailing my competitors which is extremely helpful. She did a website audit for me an brought to my attention a few problems and improvements which could be made. Ana also compiled a mailing list for me which is going to really help me target my newsletters to the right audience. Ana has been helping me for several weeks now and I don’t have any plans to stop using her service! Ana offers a very professional, friendly and thorough service. I would absolutely recommend Virtual Bird to all small businesses.”

Steph – Snugiwraps

“I’ve been using Virtual Bird services for three months now, and I can honestly say, I don’t know how I ran my business before I used them! I started with a Social Media Audit; hand on heart, I probably knew I needed to do the things I was told; some I didn’t know how to (and VB helped me to actually do them) whilst others I had been putting off, and the kick was just what I needed to do them! I’ve also had Virtual Bird helping me to network, and to reply to messages on my Facebook page; what they manage to achieve in half an hour would take me over an hour! I genuinely don’t know how they achieve so much in such a little time. I have, and will continue to recommend them to anyone and everyone. I think all businesses would benefit from their help, whether large or small.”

Victoria – Sew Domesticated