Product Photo Tips

To make your products really stand out on Etsy, eBay or your own website you need to be able to photograph your products in the best possible way. High quality product photos can influence the customers' decision hugely so how can you make your product photos stand out?
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Remote Working Tips

This year has really been a doozy hasn’t it? One thing that's become really prominent for most of the working population is Remote Working, whilst us small business owners might have been working from a home office for years the rest of the country hasn’t been and I’m sure the transition hasn’t been fun for all of you. Even for experienced remote workers it’s been a challenging time, maybe your partner is now working from home as well or maybe you had a business space that you’ve had to close temporarily and you’ve been relegated into the home office once again.

It can be a struggle logically and mentally so I’ve compiled a few hints and tips for you to hopefully make things easier for you. 

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