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Craft Fair Tips

If you’re taking a look at this article then there’s a good chance you’re doing or thinking about doing a craft fair soon – if so, congratulations!

If you’re reading this out of curiosity, then congratulations to you for being awesome!

These craft fair tips will help you on your way to make the most of the experience.

Attending a craft fair is a daunting experience, it’s usually accompanied with feelings of nervousness and stress. But it doesn’t need to be! With some careful planning and preparation, it’ll be a wonderful enjoyable experience.

Here’s some craft fair tips to help you make the most of your craft fair:

  • Don’t be downhearted if you don’t sell anything, give out business cards and think of it as a great networking opportunity.
  • Take the time to chat to fellow stallholders, they might be able to give you some tips, tell you about other fairs, and might even watch your table if you need to nip for a loo break!
  • Flat sheets make excellent table cloths, or you can find good quality tablecloths at a reasonable price in most high street shops or supermarkets.
  • Experiment with table layout, upturned boxes are a good way to add height to the table.
  • Take a mailing list sign-up sheet to ensure you form good customer relationships.
  • Make sure you’re well prepared, take a float with a variety of change, and promotional material such as business cards or flyers.
  • Clothing with your business name or logo on can add a professional touch and might be something to consider for future fairs.
  • Make sure you price your items clearly, there’s a number of ways you can do this but the most effective way depends on your product type. Luggage tags, labels, cards, posters, there’s a huge variety out there and it’s worth experimenting to get the perfect fit for your product.
  • Advertise the fact you’ll be attending the fair, it’s a common courtesy to the fair organisers.
  • Make sure you get directions, and check the entrance and parking before you leave for the fair. There’s nothing worse than turning up and not knowing where to park.
  • Take refreshments and wear comfy shoes. There’s a good chance you’ll be standing for a while and you want to make sure you’re comfortable.
  • Some people like to take something to do to keep them busy, though there’s a very fine line between occupying yourself and looking unapproachable to customers. If you do a craft that is portable, take a small project. Avoid reading a magazine or playing with technology such as a smartphone as it seems distant.
  • You could take photos, or a digital photo frame, or a tablet to display photos of custom personalised items, or items you don’t have at the fair with you.

Most of all, treat it as a learning experience.

A fair gives you the chance to meet face to face with fellow businesses, customers, and be a part of your local community.

Any sales you make are just a bonus, it’s a great time to get your brand known and expand your customer base.

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