Custom Privacy Policy

Custom Privacy Policy

Make sure you're compliant

Every business needs a privacy policy.

Every business needs a written privacy policy to display on their website, this is an absolute must in order to comply with GDPR.

These regulations are a set of procedures that every business must follow, the best way to communicate your compliance with these regulations is to have a well-written, clear, concise privacy policy.

It can be quite daunting to write your privacy policy, and can often seem an overwhelming task – but in order to run a successful business, it’s an absolute must.

You must have a privacy policy if you have a website or collect customer data (IE address’, personal identifying information).

This outlines the practices regarding your data collection, such as the purpose, the use, and the safeguarding procedures. This is a requirement by law.

This is to comply with the relevant data protection acts, it is paramount that you treat any customer data with the up-most of care and display your privacy policy clearly on your website.

It can seem quite overwhelming, but don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Get in touch and we can sort you out a custom privacy policy for just £35. 

Sections included:

* Privacy Promise
* Your information (what information you hold and why)
* How we use your personal data
* Legal Basis for Processing Data
* Requesting Your Information
* How you can help us protect your data
* Further information
* Changes to privacy policy
* Cookie policy
* Types of cookies
* Sharing with social networks
* Marketing Material
* Contact Information

For just £35, you can make sure you're compliant!

How does it work? 

Simply get in touch and I’ll ask you a series of questions to get the info I need to complete your document. 

Don’t worry about the questions, they might sound complicated but it’s nothing to worry about. If you’re not sure, we’ll figure it out together! 

I will then complete your document, send it over and you’re protected! 

Prefer a template?

If you don’t fancy having the privacy policy written for you, you can purchase a template from the Virtual Bird Etsy shop for just £12.

It’s a complete DIY template that you work through yourself. You will receive this privacy policy template as a word document with the relevant sections that need changing highlighted in red.

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