Hiring help for your business can be a daunting prospect, and you’re likely to have many questions – hopefully the answers to some of the main ones are here for you.

If you have any further queries, please get in touch or book in for a chat

Virtual Assistance

A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is an independent service provider who assists in your business processes – usually undertaking administrative or secretarial tasks. A VA will work from their own space, completely remotely they could be working on your accounts from Lands End whilst you are in Aberdeen. You can employ a VA on a day to day or ad hoc basis, depending on your particular needs and requirements. Most importantly, a VA is there to make your business run more smoothly, you delegate the tasks and they are completed for you in a timely manner to a highly professional standard.

The answer is simple – to save you time. As a business owner you will be conscious of all the aspects of the running of your business, as well as ensuring you make time for yourself. Working with a VA allows you to delegate those boring or annoying tasks, giving you the time and freedom to work on the more important tasks that you enjoy.

Any business in any stage of their journey can work with a VA.

This depends on the VA company you work with, but at Virtual Bird, you can hire for as little or as long as you require. There are no minimum tie in terms – if you wish to use Virtual Bird services for just an hour, you may, or you can use our services for larger tasks or even ongoing projects – just get in touch!

Not at all. Because you use a VA on your terms – as often or as little as you need – you are not tied into an employment contract. A Virtual Bird VA is excellent value for money as you only pay for the hours worked, and they are also responsible for their own tax, insurance, and everything else you would provide for an employee – including holidays; sick pay; maternity leave; etc. 

This depends on the VA company you use, however, Virtual Bird has a team of VAs who will turn our hand to anything admin related.?

Our ethos demands that if we are not entirely certain we cannot complete your request to our exacting standards, we will not take the work, but strive to recommend a reputable business who can. 

For a fuller, but by no means comprehensive list of services offered by Virtual Bird, please click here.

This depends on the VA company you use, however, at Virtual Bird the hourly rate is £35, with discounts for longer projects or bulk bookings. Prices for various packages such as the Social Media Package or Website Design Package vary.

Not at all. Virtual Bird works with a variety of different businesses and professionals.

You are more than welcome to check out the testimonials page to see our client feedback. Virtual Bird clients can be independently contacted to verify their reviews if you would like to do this, however, replies are not guaranteed.

However is convenient for you. Most Virtual Bird clients choose to use Google Drive or Dropbox, but I’m happy to use the method you are comfortable with. Any files held on my systems are processed in accordance with the Virtual Bird privacy policy.

Absolutely! Just ask when you get in touch.

This depends largely on the kind of work you have hired Virtual Bird for – Invoices can be sent on an ad-hoc, weekly or monthly basis. You can pay using either PayPal or Bank Transfer. In both instances you will be provided with a full professional invoice and receipt. Feel free to get in touch for further information. Full payment terms can be found by visiting the terms and conditions.

Yes, of course! Working hours may be different depending on your time zone, but there have been many successful collaborations with overseas clients over the years.

Availability varies weekly, so please enquire as soon as possible, including the urgency of your task so availability in the schedule can be made for you.


Coaching is a bit like mentoring – we work together to get you where you want to be, achieving your goals and feeling good about your business!

Each week (or fortnightly, or monthly – it’s up to you!), we will have a call either via telephone or Zoom and we will discuss where you’re at right now, how you’re feeling, any obstacles, what you’re working towards and any sticking points in your business.

I will listen to what’s going on and offer solutions, actionable tasks and other valuable resources.

Using these key factors, we will then build a plan for you to work on for the current week.

The process is different for each client, but this is the foundations.

Coaching benefits most people. Running a business on your own is tough, it really helps to have a sounding board and someone who can see the bigger picture with experience to help you in the right direction to hit your goals.

It works particularly well for those who feel they don’t know what to do next or feel a little bit lost with a lack of direction.

Can you honestly say you’re working to your full capability, in a productive and smart way? Do you have a clear mapped out with every step having actionable steps to get to your goals? Are you fulfilled in what you do with no blips?

You don’t need to be struggling to need a coach, even if you’re on cloud 9 and have a clear action plan, you will still benefit from a sounding board and an extra pair of eyes and ears.

Not at all, on the contrary it can often benefit smaller businesses even more as they see a huge growth period when using a coach!

A little bit. There is a rough structure I work from as I know that’s a method that gets results. But similarly, the sessions are fluid and led by you. The process is different for each client but the underlying foundations are the same in essence.

It entirely depends on what you gain from the process. Some clients like a short burst to get an actionable plan, some clients I’ve worked with on a long term basis. Once you’ve had a couple of sessions, you’ll know how long you want a coach for.

Due to insurance constraints, we do not hold coaching sessions in person. Sessions are just as effective over the telephone or Zoom.

Nope. The results of the coaching sessions are dependant on you implementing the actionable tasks.

If you don’t implement, you’ll get nothing from it.

If you do, then the results will speak for themselves.

You can view prices for business coaching here or the accountability program here

Availability varies but we can work with you to find a time suitable.

The first step is to book a discovery call to find out if we’re a good fit.


Anything you share in the session is completely confidential.

Notes may be taken but you will be provided with a copy of these.

Physical notes are destroyed after each session, and digital notes are destroyed when you cease being a client.

Data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

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