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From a struggling website to a user-friendly success story!

When Claire, the owner of The Princess and the Frock, reached out to me, she had been struggling with her website for months. She had spent hours trying to fix the issues but to no avail. The website was becoming a huge source of stress for her, and she was on the verge of giving up. Her website was not user-friendly, and she was unable to upload her products, making it difficult for her customers to purchase from her.

After having a Zoom call and analysing the issues, I recommended a transfer to a hosting platform under her control, plus a revamp to fix all the issues and modernise it. After just one call, Claire felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

When I got to work and started analysing the website, we discovered some pretty significant problems due to her previous hosting company. Additionally, some of the legal information on the website was missing, which posed a significant risk to her business. We immediately fixed the issues and uploaded all her products to her website, saving her hours of time.

Claire’s Homepage Before
Claire’s Homepage After

I then worked on her brand visual identity; a cohesive font and colour scheme for her website, making it more visually appealing and on-brand.

After a complete overhaul, Claire’s website was transformed. Customers have since given feedback on how much easier it is to navigate and how they love the look of it. Claire is now able to maintain the website with ease, and she knows Ana is on hand if she gets stuck.

Claire’s Shop Before
Claire’s Shop After

Claire has seen an increase in sales since the redesign, and she is thrilled with the outcome. She has even referred us to other small business owners struggling with their websites which is absolutely wonderful. See what she had to say about it:

With just a Zoom call and a couple of hours, Claire’s website has gone from a source of stress to a user-friendly success story. I’m absolutely delighted with the outcome and the fact Claire’s had so much stress removed!

If you’re struggling with your website, get in touch and let’s put you right!

Ana x

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