Irresistible Product Descriptions

If you want to increase your sales without any extra work, then you need Irresistible Product Descriptions that make customers eager to buy NOW.

You’re great at what you do.  A lot of time, effort, and knowledge goes into making or finding the best products for your customers. You agonise over what to stock, what to make and all the little details. You know your customers lives would benefit from the product.

But when you put them online, you just end up staring at a blank description box.

Where do you even start?  What should you say? You do what you can and hit publish but the sales don’t come pouring in like you’d hoped.  

It can be very frustrating when you feel like you’re doing what you can and yet you still struggle.  Especially if you have lots of product descriptions to get through and limited time to do them.

Whether you’re the crafty type who creates all your products by hand or the savvy type who buys in products and resells them for profit, it’s important to understand what makes your customer want to buy from you.

Imagine if you could…

  • Immediately figure out what your customer’s buying triggers are (and how to use them in your product descriptions to entice them to buy now)
  • Quickly draft descriptions that convert well no matter how many items you are listing for sale
  • Naturally use language patterns and words that appeal the most to your specific customer base
  • Easily create a short story that appeals to your customer’s emotions (and doesn’t feel salesy at all)
  • Effortlessly use logic to support and justify your customer’s emotion-based buying decision

Now stop imagining and start doing with my
Irresistible Product Descriptions masterclass.

I put together a video training that walks you through the ins and outs of this process in easy to implement steps so you can save time, sell more and get less stressed when it comes to product descriptions!   

We’ll dig into the psychology behind what makes customers want to buy, how to increase that value of each customer (in a way they’ll thank you for), and how to leverage social proof to show your customers the benefits of your product without coming across as “braggy”.

You won’t have to wonder anymore about what to say or how to say it. You’ll learn all about:

  • How to brainstorm ideas that cover each pain point of your customer
  • Keywords to use for optimum discovery
  • Average word counts for standard SEO requirements
  • Split testing to help you test factors your customers relate to
  • Images and video to help build on your product descriptions and showcase your product
  • Headings and formatting to help you stand out and get those conversions
  • And so much more, this training is an easy to digest guide to everything you need to know and how to implement it.

You’ll get cheat sheets to help you quickly and easily discover your customer’s buying triggers as well as templates to help you structure your descriptions in the most effective and efficient way.  These can get you started before you’ve finished the class.

You’ll also get complete audio recordings and a copy of the slides from the trainings so you can print off the most relevant information for your situation.  Plus, I’ll go over legal issues to consider which could save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

All of this could mean the difference between not enough sales and more than enough.

Using this method, clients have tripled their conversion rates and find listing products so much easier – it’s no longer a chore!

You will receive your login details for the masterclass by email! 


Here’s what some fabulous people have said about the masterclass: 

Rupa - Naturally Blessed

If you want to develop and improve your content, this is the course for you. I was actually sitting on the fence about this Product Description course, but reading some of the course description inspired me to take the leap and take the course and I am so glad I did! Up until then, I actually thought my product description needs no work at all. I was wrong! Ana's course makes you think in a more "scrumptious M&S way" which totally transforms your listings! Not only has it helped me with my website/Etsy content/description, it has helped me change how I answer questions from clients and also comments on (FB) forums. It has helped me better my interaction with potential clients. My advice to anyone who is in doubt about the course, is if you want to generate more, better quality clients, it's important to trust Ana and her magic with the course!

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