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Life of an Entrepreneur

Life Of An Entrepreneur

What Is An Entrepreneur?

In a nutshell an Entrepreneur or someone with entrepreneurial traits – is a person who steps outside the 9-5 Corporate or blue collar worker mindset of working for a living and into how can I build/start/grow my own business and work for myself.

The Dictionary says

Entrepreneurship – noun: the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Typical Traits Of An Entrepreneur

Outside the Box Thinker

You don’t ever just take someone’s word for things. You look FOR and TOWARDS what you want rather than what already is.

Feeling Different

You may have found standard education tiresome, challenging, boring and unnecessary. You may have been labelled with an ASD (Autism (high functioning of course), ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Dyslexia etc)

Focusing on topics that do not interest you is likely to have lead to some criticisms in school or higher education. Yet focus per se is not your problem, when the topic lights you up – you go balls deep (to borrow from Dan’s linguistic repertoire).

Being Different

In a world where most of the people you know, those in your family and many friends seem content to work for others, focus on standard education and qualifications as a measure of intelligence or skills and take a salary; you are more likely to be drawn to the model of startups, independent business, self employment.

Risk Taker

Whilst the green stuff (money) is essential for covering your cost of living, you’ll take risks in business, throw all your savings into new ideas and start up a business not quite knowing the outcome.


You’ll keep at it. No matter how many business ideas fail, you’ll keep going. You’ll have a vision in your mind for living the way you want, doing what you want and a powerful belief that it can be achieved.


You have a vision for independence. For being your own boss. You’ll be able to revisit your vision even in darker times when things didn’t pan out how you wanted.


You’ll keep coming back no matter how many times life, finances, business fails or people (partners, employees, contractors, family, friends) knock you or let you down.


  • You ARE your own BOSS.
  • You can do whatever you want.
  • You can live where ever you want (business dependent). You’re more likely to choose a business model that enables that freedom than accept a job working where your boss dictates.
  • You can hire others to do the tasks you find challenging or boring.
  • You are living life on your own terms.
  • You can take a sickie any time you like.
  • You choose your holiday dates and don’t get told when you or even if are allowed to go on holiday.
  • You get to live authentically YOU.
  • You get to help people in small or very large ways that you’d not achieve or see in the work for others world.
  • What governs you is not the labels of accreditation (someone else’s version of what makes you good at being you) but instead, the outcomes of your efforts.

The Downsides (actually Challenges) To Being An Entrepreneur?

  • Having to ASK for money. This taps into historical wealth mindset challenges. Needs fixing to become truly successful.
  • Self Promotion. Not only do you need to promote your business, services, products but in effect you are pushing yourself and promoting what you got.
  • Personal Motivation to get up and get going and not get sucked into Facebook. This requires strict focus and habit forming for what you want and need to get shit done when it needs to be.
  • ADDICTION. As an example Facebook as a platform to advertise your self or your business is great. However, knowing we can become aroused? (in a good way) when we see likes, hearts, reactions and comments on our posts means we can also become addicted to that high. And when we don’t see that and deal with disappointment or rejection – we can seek the high elsewhere.
  • Limiting Beliefs! We all have them, powering through them and deleting or editing them is a vital part of being a successful entrepreneur. Even after becoming successful they can reappear and tear down success which is why mindset is one of the MOST IMPORTANT elements you’ll get right in order to be and remain a success.
  • Procrastination is the sneaky devil in the mix. It’s been scientifically studied and so has the solution to it. However, it’s also about limiting beliefs, ego related anxieties and is closely related to how we manage stress.
  • Money, the lack thereof. Money is one of our reasons for doing what we do. You know intuitively that you can make more of it when you do what’s authentic to you.
  • Expectations – too high, too many, others around you. Being realistic, setting SMART Goals and visualising your success keeps the mind in good shape. Others expectations may be more attuned to their own version of what’s right in the world eg working for others.
  • Overwhelm – knowing what you want to do, getting it done, achieving goals can sometimes lead to overwhelm. Overwhelm is a state of mind so again, it’s possible to overcome this and reach a state of being while doing rather than stuckness.


How Can You Work On Those Entrepreneur Challenges?


Knowing there’s a business model for success that appeals to you – doesn’t equate to automatic success.

This is where your personal beliefs and attitudes can scupper your desire for business growth.


Start with YOU.

In my original post I mentioned Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnosis and NLP as specific techniques I use to help my clients develop positive beliefs, reframe limiting ones and delete or even crush disempowering ones.


Mindfulness for the Entrepreneur

Mindfulness is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s about being mindful (AWARE) of what you are thinking and feeling at any given moment so that you can SHIFT into another state quickly before it disarms your positive intentions.

It is a practice that is completely LIFE CHANGING when done right.

Rather than your emotions being what you are guided by, either presenting distraction, emotional fuzz, sadness, frustration, anger, hopelessness, addictive cycles, depression, anxiety etc.

You let your emotion guide you right back to what’s going on UP TOP.

You had to be thinking something to trigger that emotional state and that emotional state is going to take you somewhere far away from being Productive, Creative, Positive, Successful.

The key is to notice your thoughts rather than judging them or their origin.

The origin of a thought (belief) has no relevance in your current state of being. The origin may be what you’d work on in a coaching or therapeutic setting but in the moment to moment of living and doing – it serves no useful purpose to trace it.

What follows is a simple technique that merges NLP with Mindfulness to enable you to get into the practice of taking control of your mind and ultimately, leading it where YOU WANT TO GO.


When you have a negative feeling –

  • Notice it ?
  • Accept that it was there ?
  • Become aware of the thinking that triggered the emotion …
  • Let it go.
  • Bring your mind to the present moment.
  • Look around you.
  • What do you SEE.
  • What do you HEAR.
  • What do you SMELL.
  • Focus on your breath.
  • Focus on your body.
  • Let the tension GO from your body.
  • Change your posture to that of being more relaxed and centred.
  • Remember what it is you WANT to achieve right now.
  • Focus on how getting that done will feel.
  • Make that feeling present NOW.
  • When you have completed [insert task] what will you feel?
  • What will you SEE.
  • What will you HEAR.
  • How GOOD does it feel when it?s done?
  • Now be there in your mind.
  • Make the picture in your mind of being there when the task is complete, BIGGER, BOLDER, BRIGHTER, LOUDER, MORE COLORFUL
  • You are the DIRECTOR of your experience so direct this as if you’re the Stradivarius of the Violin World. Do it with perfection.

This combined technique helps you return to the present, acknowledge but let go of the thinking that lead to negative emotions and WIRE your brain so that you are compelled to complete the immediate task.

Look out for more coaching in being a great entrepreneur, driven towards success.

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