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Low Cost Marketing Tips

As with any new or small business, you’re likely to have either a small or non existing marketing budget. So how do you effectively get your brand and products out there with minimal expense?

Utilise videos

This works great especially if you create products, people love to see behind the scenes or instructional videos that they don’t plan on recreating. How many hours have you lost watching cooking videos on facebook because they looked interesting? Getting people hooked on your content is a surefire way to have them look you up and see what you’re all about.

Create infographics

Along with videos, infographics are an extremely popular way to share information in a beautiful, visual way. If you want your infographics to be easy to read and eye-catching you can either hire a Virtual Assistant or take a course, there’s quite a few free or affordable design courses available online.

Recycle your older content.

No matter what content you’ve put out previously you’ll probably be able to reuse some bits of it, depending on what content you make you could turn it into something brand new. A collection of blog posts could be turned into an ebook with potentially minimal effort. 

Try giveaways.

This is only applicable if you are in a position to give away free products. It can be a great way of boosting engagement and sales. Try and make them interactive, get your followers/ customers answering questions or solving puzzles rather than just getting more people to like your page. Interactive competitions tend to have better results long term.

Host an event or class.

This will be something you could plan for the future when we’re allowed to be in the same room as each other or you can try and see whether you could convert it to a virtual classroom. Hosting a class for beginners crochet, for example, is a great way to get people interested in the craft and if they take to it you’ll probably be the first port of call for supplies. Bonus points if you have a beginners pack people can buy that comes with an invite to an online or physical class.

Get savvy with Social Media.

If you are just starting out, setting up a business and getting to grips with social media all at the same time can be overwhelming. Thankfully I’ve got your back. I’ve already written Social Media 101 for you to look through and if you need any more help you can book in for a FREE Discovery call and see how a Virtual Assistant can guide you through social media.

Use monthly themes.

Monthly themes help you not only in terms of content creation but also follower interaction. You can very quickly figure out what topics really engage your customers so in the future you can tailor your content to them. Some of them will be easy, such as a Christmas theme in december but you might have to get a bit creative for some of the other months!

This is in no way a comprehensive list of low budget marketing ideas but it can be a great starting point if you haven’t had much experience marketing for a small business.

Let me know how you get on, is there any other ideas you’ve found that have worked for you? Pop into the Entrepreneur Small Business Support & Advice group to talk to me and other small business owners.



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