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Maximising Business Productivity

Maximising Business Productivity

As a small business owner, you have to put on a lot of hats: product designer, marketer, accountant, website designer and much more. But is it worth it and is there a way of maximising business productivity?

In this article we help you learn how to maximise business productivity. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we also have our loves and hates. I absolutely love doing admin and accounting but most people hate it – so by doing the things you don’t excel at and don’t like… are you wasting your time?

Could your time be better spent by outsourcing the tasks you hate doing, or by automating some tasks so that you don’t have to use your resources and time to get them done?

Work smarter, not harder

As well as Virtual Assistants who are on hand to help you save time, there are a variety of automation techniques that can be used in business. The most popular include IFTTT, Robotask and Zapier. All of these pieces of software enable you to automate ordinary mundane tasks. For example, you can automatically add newsletter subscribers to Mailchimp from an email you receive (make sure you get permission!), or you can automatically save your Facebook posts to a Google Spreadsheet so you have a reference to refer back to.

Limit interruptions

This can be difficult to achieve especially if you work from home but every time you are distracted by something you then have to refocus on what you were doing, if you were reading an email you end up rereading bits because you forgot where you’d got to. Apply this to more technical tasks over the course of a day and you’ve got a fair amount of wasted time.

Utilise single tasking

Plenty of websites and other business owner will tell you peak efficiency is doing multiple things at once. However science has shown us repeatedly that this isn’t the case, every time you multitask you’re just doing all of your tasks with divided attention. Increasing the likelihood that you’ll have to redo some of your tasks. That doesn’t sound very efficient now does it?

Double check the basics

If you find your productivity is slowed by your internet connection or lack of the correct software then you probably need to take the leap and invest in the business. You gotta spend money to make money sometimes!

The best thing to remember about saving time in your business is that the business should work for you. It’s important to remember to value the commodity that is your time. Money, to some extent, is unlimited. Whereas time is always finite. You can’t add more hours in a day (we wish!), but you can use your time in a smarter way to make a bigger return on your investment. Does your business work for you? How do you save yourself time? Did this help you learn how to maximise business productivity?

Let us know!

Ana 🙂

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