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Packaging Ideas

Packaging Ideas

Businesses who ship products to customers can take that one step further by incorporating their branding and image into their packaging. Everybody likes to feel special when they receive something in the post, regardless if it’s for themselves or not.

Spending a little time and effort to make opening the package a real experience can be a huge boost to your repeat business. Extra touches are really valuable and customers will remember you in the future.

The extra touches don’t have to be expensive, but wouldn’t a customer prefer to receive something that’s been extra specially wrapped and prepared or a small token surprise free gift, just because?

Here’s a few great examples of items that could be used to convey both the brand and a sense of value.

Gift boxes

Cardboard boxes are extremely versatile in terms of packaging they are available in all sorts of colours and shapes.

They can be an easy wow factor if you get creative and it’s easy to find recycled and sustainable suppliers.

For example, cardboard boxes with flower seeds embedded in them, this is obviously a more expensive option but really goes that extra mile!

Gift box padding

Chances are whatever your posting out won’t fit perfectly into the box you’re selling/sending it in so you need to think about how you are going to protect the product. Will you stuff tissue paper in the gaps? Will you use shredded cardboard, brightly coloured packing peanuts or something completely different?


Ribbon won’t be suitable for everybody as it can be difficult to gift box big, bulky items. However, for smaller items when executed properly it adds the perfect touch to a great product. There also been a shift to biodegradable twine ribbon as well as paper ribbon to minimise the impact on the environment. Little cherry have a huge range of eco-friendly party supplies including assorted ribbons.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is a great way to add a simple bit of luxury to a simple product. The additional benefits are that it’s a reasonable price and widely available, it’s an absolute packaging staple. Companies like noissue offer personlised tissue paper.

If you’re wrapping your product in tissue paper it’s worth having a look at different wrapping techniques for that extra bit of individuality.

Personalised stickers.

Pop your logo, your tagline, your brand colours, and so much more on your stickers. They add consistent branding to your packaging and make it look more professional.

Return address stickers

Return address stickers are also a must, they make addressing packages so much easier and add a level of professionalism to your package.


Cellophane wrapping, again this won’t be suitable for everybody, but it can look really professional. Eco Craft have some really great bio-degradable bags.


Stamps are a great way to be unique with your brand, you can use them in a variety of ways. You can get personalised stamps, or a variety of different shapes and wording. They’re extremely versatile.

Wax stamps have recently made a resurgence, thanks in part to wedding invites and the perceived fanciness of wax seals, in reality the stamp is the most costly expense but you only have to purchase it once and wax is mostly inexpensive and easy to get hold of.

Canvas bags

A more expensive option but the bag can be reused so it’s almost like your giving them a free gift that if you put your logo on.

This can be cheap advertising but due to the increased cost I’d only recommend this for big ticket items. Don’t break the bank trying to be too fancy with your packaging.

Thank you notes

These can be short little thank yous for buying from a small indie business to a full history of your company, the decision is yours.

That’s a lot of ideas to get you started, great packaging can clinch the deal on repeat customers.

Remember to review your packaging frequently to make sure you’re still getting the best deal from your suppliers and that your packaging is still fit for purpose.



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