Recommended By Me

I’m very often asked what I recommend as must haves for any business. So I thought I’d put it all on one page for easy access! 

Some of these recommendations may be affiliate links indicated by a * – but they are things I genuinely love!


Ecologi is an environmental organisation helping businesses become climate positive. 

It’s a fantastic way to reduce your impact on the world with your business. 

Find out more about Ecologi here

Virtual Bird are climate positive, you can see our profile here


For many small businesses with their first website, I always recommend Siteground* as a website host. I really like how they’re affordable but reliable. They have SSL included in their plan, fast support and fantastic uptimes.

Siteground* is great for all types of businesses, and the user interface is really easy to use as they recently underwent a makeover. 

The Ultimate Diary Planner

I am absolutely obsessed with Sophie’s Ultimate Diary Planner and it’s been my planner of choice every year for the last 5 years. 

It simply works, it’s motivational, has all the right metrics and keeps me organised and focused! 


Everyone should have a pension. The End. 

Okay but seriously, lots of small businesses don’t realise the importance of having your own pension when you’re the business owner. 

PensionBee* makes it really easy to set up and make contributions to each month. You can even transfer other pensions to the platform so they’re all in one place. 

There’s a variety of plans you can invest into and they make their information really easy to comprehend. 

The EP Investor*

This is less business specific but definitely a life must. I work with Damien but I’m also his biggest fan girl ever. I’ve read, listened and watched everything he’s ever done multiple times and I learn something new each time. 

I used to hide away from my finances as maths isn’t a strong point for me, now I’m EXCITED about numbers and track my net worth like an obsessive little nerd. 

He’s got a book on Amazon and his Masterclass. You can also work with him 1-1

Start with the book, then do ALL THE THINGS with Damien, you won’t regret it. 


I’ve used a lot of task management apps and software but the one I come back to time and time again is ToDoIst.

The interface is easy, it’s got projects, flags and comments. It’s a really easy and simple way to manage your tasks without flashy features and distractions.


Franz is a game changer, I used to be one of those people that had a million tabs open and the constant flashing of notifications distracted me.

Franz keeps it all in one browser window. I have Messenger, Whatsapp, Outlook, Gmail, Linkedin, Slack, Telegram, Teams, Calendar and ToDoIst nested in the window – leaving me with Chrome just having the thing I’m currently working on.

I love it so much, it connects with a bunch of platforms so you can tailor it to what you need!                          

Stay Focused

I’ve been limiting my social media usage and news exposure since 2020 and I use 2 things to make that easier for me. Stay Focused the app lets you set whatever limits you want, goal based, time based, total nuclear etc.
I use Stay Focusd browser extention to do the same on desktop but whitelist pages and groups I need for work.
Doomscrolling and constant news negativity is exhausting and can affect our mental health so I’d recommend this to anyone.
I have it to set to allow me on Facebook and Twitter for 4 minutes an hour after 6pm and to permanently block news. Get out of the Doomscrolling vicious cycle!


Loom is brilliant for sharing quick screen shares and tutorials. Often I find myself needing to show someone something super quickly and it doesn’t really necessitate a call. 

Loom lets me record my screen with a voiceover and ping the link to the person who needs it, letting them watch in their own time. 

Policy Bee*

For the past 6 years I’ve used Policy Bee for my insurance. They’re reasonably priced, excellent customer service and really lovely to deal with. They cover a variety of niches and are just great overall!


I’m a big fan of TMetric as it does everything I need for time tracking. I’ve tried lots of competitors and TMetric is my favourite because of the desktop application – it prompts you to track your time if you’ve not started the timer for a while. 

This is brill for people who bill by time but also great for general business owners who want to analyse their time (everyone should!) 

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