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Simple Daily Business Routines

Simple Daily Business Routines

Daily rituals are great – they provide structure and focus to our day, and consequently it is well worth introducing one to your work life. These Simple Daily Business Routines will help you have a more productive workday.

When we are young, our parents and schools implement routines for us, but somehow when we grow up, we lose these routines for whatever reason – be it a hectic modern lifestyle, shift patterns at work, or just the type of person we become – but research has shown that rituals or routines are almost always present in the lives of successful people throughout history.

If you look at highly followed business people, independent of what time they work best (night owls, rejoice!), there are common key routines, hours worked vary wildly, and yet most take time to exercise.
Our daily routine varies due to the nature of our work, but we always find time to include these simple daily business routines:

Diet & Exercise

3 meals a day, plenty of water, and a little exercise every day. This increases concentration, maintains health, and ensures we get some precious time away from the screen.

A Quick Tidy

A 5 minute tidy up of your work area every day will help you focus better on the task at hand.

Set a goal/Inspire yourself

It is well known that Benjamin Franklin asked himself, “What good will I do today?” every morning. We like to say a business affirmation, set a goal, or read an inspiring quote to set the tone for our day.

Check the Calendar

Make sure you know what your plans are early on – set alarms if you need to – prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Follow Industry News

Don’t fall behind in your field of work – inspire yourself; keep abreast of the latest information; have an eye on your competition and ensure you stay ahead of the game.


This seems obvious, but prioritising your work will help you organise your day and may also relieve any stress brought on by an overwhelming to do list. Another thing to do is to split your to do list into two groups. Every business has those little jobs to do – social media, accounting, emails, etc. This is not your productive work and you should set aside time to do these tasks separately – with a time limit, to ensure you have the time to complete the more important tasks.

Revise Your Goals

Later in the workday, go back to your calendar, reflect on what have done, and revise your goals in order to help you best move forward.

Say No!

If time is a limitation for you, learn to say no to the things you don’t have the time to do. It won’t come easily, but it’s really important that you can manage boundaries. Of course, if it’s something you want to do, then do it 🙂

Leisure Time

A lot of small businesses work from home, and will appreciate the difficulty of separating yourself from work, and often the guilt that comes with it. Leisure time is incredibly important for our wellbeing, and should be a part of our everyday life. You can spend this time however you feel – nip out to see a friend, read a book, take up a craft, or just stick your feet up and watch the telly!

A Good Night’s Sleep

A decent night’s sleep can make the world of difference to our motivation the next day. We all need different amounts, but getting good quality sleep is the important thing.

Do you have a daily routine? Are you planning to implement one?

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