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Small Business Branding Tips

Small Business Branding Tips

This article is full of small business branding tips to ensure you’re making the most of your branding and it’s professional and fitting for your business.
Good branding is an absolute must for a business, it’s the first impression the customer will get of your business and should represent you perfectly.

Branding is a really important aspect of business and it’s a great idea to revisit your branding every now and again to ensure it still fits with your business as you grow and change.

This is just an overview on branding and is by no means a comprehensive list; just the perfect starting point!


Your logo is the main point of branding, it can be used on your marketing materials, social media platforms and your website.

  • Make sure your logo fully conveys your brand ethos
  • Work with your designer to create a brand that is much more than a logo, with the logo being the centrepiece
  • Fonts and colours are key aspects of your logo so ensure they congruent with your brand as a whole.
  • Ensure that your logo and any other marketing materials are supplied in the correct formats in order to avoid stumbling blocks as your business grows. (Vector, PNG, JPG, PDF)


Your website should be the window to your brand, encompassing all of the aspects from your branding

  • Use your brand fonts throughout the website in a consistent way
  • The accent colours of your brand should be used for highlighting on your website
  • Make sure your brand is used within your favicon to ensure consistency
  • Ensure everything that goes on your website fits within your brand message.


Whether you have roll banners, leaflets, business cards or send out lumpy mail, all of your marketing online and offline should be consistent to your brand.

  • Make sure you use consistent fonts and colours
  • Ensure the underlying message is in alignment with your brand
  • Utilise your tagline within your marketing to help the message stick
  • If you’re a one man band, try handwriting your marketing letters, the personal touch is hugely important for solopreneurs

Social Media

Social media is a wonderful way to craft a relationship with your customers and showcase your brand.

  • Make sure your profile picture is either your logo or a picture of yourself (depending on your brand message) – this makes it much more recognisable to customers in the feed.
  • Your cover photo should be a showcase of your services and be fully branded as a window to your brand.
  • Content on your page should be within the brand message, encapsulating your USP and be engaging.
  • Any photography you add to your page should be branded, either with your logo in the corner or have consistent branded backgrounds.


You can go even further with your branding and get merch. It’s a great way to show you’re a professional if you’re at an event or out and about for promotion.

  • Mugs for props in your social media posts.
  • Clothing to wear out and about to raise brand awareness
  • Banners for having as a backdrop in your videos
  • Cards to send to customers as a thank you or as a celebration (If you have their consent – GDPR!)


Businesses who ship products to customers can take it one step further by incorporating their branding and image into their packaging. Everybody likes to feel special when they receive something in the post, regardless if it’s for themselves or not.

  • Tissue paper is a low cost and readily available staple you can find in your business colours
  • Ribbon in your business colours or even custom printed is a great way to add a touch of luxury
  • Personalised stickers or stamps are a fabulous addition to packaging
  • Custom printed boxes are a more expensive option but look high class and really professional


If you work with a professional and trusted graphic designer, most of these aspects will be covered with them – they will create a brand for you that you can showcase throughout every aspect of your business.

Ultimately, remember, although it’s important, your brand is more than a logo.

Overall, have fun with it, embrace your brand, make sure it’s exactly what you want to convey!

I hope you found these small business branding tips useful.

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