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Small Business Copyright Infringement

Copyright is a very important matter to consider when running your business, and it’s often overlooked by new businesses because they believe the law doesn’t apply to them.
It does.

The most common argument for small businesses infringing on copyright is because they feel that big corporations such as Disney won’t sue them and don’t care because they make enough money.
However, they do care, and they have every right too.

Just because they’re a big company now, doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to protect their intellectual property, or take action against people making money from images and designs they’ve spent an awful lot of time and money creating and promoting.

The interesting thing about the copyright argument is the stance that people take when it’s one small business against another.
I’ve seen countless witch hunts when businesses are accused of copying another small business, and it’s not pretty.

Copyright infringement is never okay, but I find it fascinating that it’s more acceptable to copy big businesses than small businesses.
It’s not.

It’s also proven that those with original designs and products will be a more sustainable and profitable business than those who copy others.
It shows a lack of originality and flair.
I constantly wonder why anybody would want to go in business and attempt to run it solely on other people’s designs.

The bottom line is, copyright infringement is not okay in business, ever.
If you want to make something for PERSONAL USE and not to sell or use for business, then that’s totally fine.
But the second money changes hands or it’s used in the context of business for that product, it becomes copyright infringement and the companies will sue you if they find out.

Despite how small the chances are of being caught, it’s just not worth it, it’s disrespecting to yourself, your craft and the business you’re undoubtedly working so hard to build.

Keep it real, keep it original and be unique.

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