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Social Media Content Ideas

Social Media Content Ideas

Social media is a brilliant tool that should be utilised properly. Although some social networks may not be suitable for certain types of business, you’re sure to find a network out there to suit you. These social media content ideas are devised to make your life easier for each type of social network.
The problem most people have with managing a social media account is that they struggle with Social Media Content Ideas.
The key to an affluent social media account is to create appealing and interesting content that your likers will be actively involved in. The idea aim is to curate relevant content that will encourage people to engage.

The ideas

I’ve collated a selection of social media content ideas for posts below that will hopefully help you on your way:

Post a problem and ask for advice.

Perhaps you want to know what your customers would do if X or maybe one of your likers has a questions and you think fellow likers can answer it and weight in.

Run a competition or a giveaway

Don’t do it too often otherwise you devalue your brand, but regularly will keep people interested and looking out for your content. Ensure that any giveaway you host complies with the relevant social networks rules.

Ask questions

Ask them what new products they’d like to see in their range, or ask them for feedback about your business

Share memes or motivational images

Cats and wine are VERY popular!

Video posts

In 2018, many reports noted that video posts were getting much higher reach than any other type of post. Whilst Facebook’s algorithm may have changed, videos are still a great way to get your customers engaging.

Fill in the blank

People love filling in the blank, a great example is “Tonight for dinner, I am having _____”

Support other businesses

Perhaps you have some connections that would appeal to your likers, maybe a friend of yours sells a product that would go well with yours. Share that business, and tell customers why they’re awesome. It’s likely they’ll reciprocate at some point. Make sure not to overdo the sharing of fellow businesses, you don’t want customers to look at your page and not be sure what you do.

Go with the times

Perhaps there is a holiday coming up, Easter or Christmas, or perhaps the seasons are changing. Keep your content relevant, avoid posting snow pictures if it’s bright sunshine.


Reward those loyal to your brand by giving them a social network only discount. This type of post also works for newsletter subscribers.

Work together

People love to be a part of something, so perhaps you hear a lot of comments from people that they want to do X or Y. A great idea would be to organise it as a group and all do it together, utilising social media to motivate. A good example is learning to make something together. Keep it as related to your business as possible.

Educate & teach!

Following on from the previous tip, people love tutorials. Preferably make it one you’ve written to drive traffic to your website, but one shared with permission from the owner will work just as well.

Share your knowledge

Maybe you’ve got a recipe that would go down well with your customers, or a secret cleaning tip, or another golden tip. Share it with your likers and encourage them to share theirs. It’ll enable you to get to know them better and you’ll learn something in the process.

Make it personal

If you’re reading this, you’re likely to be a small business with very few, if any, employees. Share what goes on behind the scenes, your family, share something about your personal life. People love to see the person behind the business


Customers love nothing more to learn about the products they’re buying, show them your studio, workspace or office. They’re likely to connect more with your product, and they’ll feel like they’re behind the scenes.

Customer posts

Who knows what your customers want to see, better than yours customers? Nobody of course! Ask them to generate some content, perhaps link it in with the competition post. Get inventive and they’ll come up with some gems you can recycle periodically.

Be relatable

People buy people, the products are a bonus but the person has a huge impression. Don’t be a robot, if you’ve had an embarrassing moment, share it. Stay professional of course, avoid sharing intimate details or using crass language. But if your child threw his dinner at the wall and all you could do was laugh, tell them! If your target audience is mums, then they’ll relate.

Share snippets of information about your business

Perhaps you’d like them to know the process behind creating your products, or why things work the way they do. “Did you know” posts are brilliant for pursuing curiosity.


Everybody loves to laugh, and a great way of making the most of that is to bring a little laughter into people’s lives. If they’re scrolling through their feed in a morning and you’ve shared a really funny joke, it’ll bring a smile to their face and they’ll remember you.

In summary

Finally, most of all, stay true to your business and be professional!

Do you have any tried and tested social media content ideas that’s worked for your business?

Ana x

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