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Claire Warburton Testimonial

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I’d been having problems with my website for months and months. It was becoming a huge source of stress for me and I was spending hours attempting to sort things myself to no avail. A friend recommended Ana to me after I’d spent the morning in tears over my site!! From the very first zoom call with Ana I felt like a weight had been lifted! She understood all the issues I had and was confident she could solve them and make my website great! Ana was so easy to talk to and positive and I left the call feeling so much happier knowing it would be sorted! Ana kept me updated every step of the way with what needed to be done and kept me informed with how many hours it would take etc. It turned out I had some pretty big problems with my website due to my previous host and my site had some legal information missing! Ana solved it immediately for me!
Ana completely transformed my website and gave me my own branding font and colour and made it so much more user friendly! She made it simple for customers to search for items and uploaded all my products for me which would have taken me forever!!!!
I’ve had a huge response from customers saying how much easier it is to navigate and how they love the look of it.
Honestly Ana is a superhero!!! I find it so much easier now to maintain it and I know Ana is on hand if I get stuck.
Highly recommend!!!!

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