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I would like to point you all in the direction of my beautiful Ana Wilson from Virtual Bird I am going to introduce a thankful Thursday as well and 1000% Ana will feature in that, but my gosh, she has absolutely been a diamond going the extra mile and then more She’s fabulous
Just to give you an overview, I am, not technological at all surprise surprise and my original website domain was with shoppify which was OK but the price kept increasing and I felt quite alone support wise. I suddenly decided to take a chance on me in the words of Abba and use my savings from over the past 5 years. (which isn’t a lot) from Little Missy Magpie my current beautiful business. I wanted to put it towards having my very own website
I have no idea how to do this no clue whatsoever. I put a general post in a Mum business group and so many lovely people commented, but there was something about Ana!!!
She was so down-to-earth, so understanding not pushy. Really informative and didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, but more what I need to hear So Ana, from day one has always had my back completely. She understood me which that in itself is a feat And she understood what I wanted my website to be…. like home from home. Sparkly magical an Empowering Emporium! Not just a selling station All the times when I said I couldn’t she told me I could, and she gave me the hope and the belief and the strength and the encouragement and the know how, for how to do it. She handled all the legal technical stuff and held my hand along the way consistently pushing me to believe in myself as she did.
Ana you are amazing and I simply could not have done this without you. Thank you so much

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