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Lindsay Testimonial

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I don’t think i’ve posted in here before, as i’m generally not around on my personal Facebook much, but i just had to come and thank Ana.
Earlier this year she helped me rebrand and also built me a website (which was no easy feat for her as i’m rubbish at technological stuffs, and i needed a lot of hand holding and general help and advice).
The website, and rebrand, have had such a wonderful response from my customers, though unfortunately there was a few problems a month or so ago, meaning that Facebook deemed my site unsafe.
Ana has worked so hard to firstly make my site safe again, and now to get Facebook to accept it as safe, after i had no joy at all.
Ana, you really are fantastic at what you do. You truly go above and beyond and are well and truly worth EVERY single penny. I love the fact that i get such a personal and friendly service, and that it’s obvious that you do your very best.
I seriously couldn’t do any of this without you.
Thank you.

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