The benefits of JotForms by Russ from Career Guidance Charts

Benefits of Jotforms

The benefits of JotForms

This week’s blog post about the benefits of JotForms comes to you from the wonderful Russ from Career Guidance Charts.
When I wrote my favourite apps and software’s blog post, Russ got in touch to say I’d missed a really good one – JotForms. Consequently, having never used it before myself, when Russ offered to write a guest blog post about the benefits of JotForms, I happily jumped at the offer. I always like to learn about new software, therefore making both mine and your life easier.

Over to Russ…

More than just a form…..

Does your business have to collect data from customers? Do you need surveys, a product enquiry form completed? Whatever you are after I can highly recommend JotForms for you. As an avid user of them myself, here is why you should take advantage of this unique online application:

  1. Support

Ok, it might surprise you that I have started here but the guys at JotForms are awesome at getting back to you with an enquiry you might have in creating a form. Furthermore, there are also hundreds of people who may have asked your question before, but if not, they will explain in detail how to resolve your query and give you code if you need it.

  1. One Million forms

With over a million forms designed by users like me and with many downloadable templates you have a wealth of means and ways to get the information you want. Consequently, you can take advantage of hundreds of already made templates on their site.

  1. Simplicity

Drag and drop the key elements into your form and hey presto! You’re good to go. With a variety of embed options or direct links to the form, you can easily add this to your website or direct your customers to a link.

  1. Data Collection

The people at JotForms offer a wide range of means to collect your submissions. You can access them online, send to an Excel or Google spreadsheet, receive a PDF file, embed a table to your site with secure login access, and more.  Your customers and clients can also receive copies of their forms too. Crucially, all the form data is secure and encrypted.

  1. Design

As well as their simplicity, the forms can be previewed in a new design mode that allows you to change the colours, layout, font and style of the form.  All the forms have a test mode so these are easy to trial.

  1. Unlimited Forms

In my business, I use over 20 different forms for a variety of means and have created forms for friends to help their business too. Additionally there is no end to the number of forms you can produce.

  1. Free Service

Register an email and password and you’re good to go. You can have as many forms as you want with a maximum of 100 submissions per month before you have to pay.

  1. Integrations

Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive – the site has many methods for you to integrate your forms into the various applications and web design services you are running.

  1. Widgets

Calendars, photo uploads, drop boxes, picking lists, signatures, completion bar, calculator, voice recorder, map location, sound files, YouTube – there are lots of them that allow you to do more.

  1. Payment integrations

The forms can even take purchases, allowing you to create a simple product list and online store should you want to, furthermore, they integrate to PayPal, Stripe or other payment methods.

Russ is a business owner & educator working in the careers sector and runs which produces a range of career posters and resources for schools.   Russ is happy to take any questions on JotForms.

I hope you enjoyed Russ’ insight into the benefits of JotForms.
If you have a much-loved piece of software you want to write about, or also have us review, get in touch!

Ana x


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