Is my information safe?


Anything you share in the session is completely confidential.

Notes may be taken but you will be provided with a copy of these.

Physical notes are destroyed after each session, and digital notes are destroyed when you cease being a client.

Data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

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How long do I need a coach?

It entirely depends on what you gain from the process. Some clients like a short burst to get an actionable plan, some clients I’ve worked with on a long term basis. Once you’ve had a couple of sessions, you’ll know how long you want a coach for.

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I’m not struggling, why do I need a coach?

Can you honestly say you’re working to your full capability, in a productive and smart way? Do you have a clear mapped out with every step having actionable steps to get to your goals? Are you fulfilled in what you do with no blips?

You don’t need to be struggling to need a coach, even if you’re on cloud 9 and have a clear action plan, you will still benefit from a sounding board and an extra pair of eyes and ears.

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How do I know coaching will benefit me?

Coaching benefits most people. Running a business on your own is tough, it really helps to have a sounding board and someone who can see the bigger picture with experience to help you in the right direction to hit your goals.

It works particularly well for those who feel they don’t know what to do next or feel a little bit lost with a lack of direction.

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