Virtual Assistance

How will you invoice me and what are my payment options?

This depends largely on the kind of work you have hired Virtual Bird for – Invoices can be sent on an ad-hoc, weekly or monthly basis. You can pay using either PayPal or Bank Transfer. In both instances you will be provided with a full professional invoice and receipt. Feel free to get in touch for further information. Full payment terms can be found by visiting the terms and conditions.

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How much does a VA cost?

This depends on the VA company you use, however, at Virtual Bird the hourly rate is £35, with discounts for longer projects or bulk bookings. Prices for various packages such as the Social Media Package or Website Design Package vary.

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What kind of work does a VA do?

This depends on the VA company you use, however, Virtual Bird has a team of VAs who will turn our hand to anything admin related.?

Our ethos demands that if we are not entirely certain we cannot complete your request to our exacting standards, we will not take the work, but strive to recommend a reputable business who can. 

For a fuller, but by no means comprehensive list of services offered by Virtual Bird, please click here.

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Are VAs more expensive than hiring an employee?

Not at all. Because you use a VA on your terms – as often or as little as you need – you are not tied into an employment contract. A Virtual Bird VA is excellent value for money as you only pay for the hours worked, and they are also responsible for their own tax, insurance, and everything else you would provide for an employee – including holidays; sick pay; maternity leave; etc. 

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