Website Design

Whether you need your current website sprucing up, or a new one building, I got you.

One of the best and most fun parts of my job is taking unloved, outdated and clunky websites and turning them into a slick, adored, sales machine.

A close second is creating websites from scratch.

Wherever you’re at in your website journey, I can help.

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A safe pair of hands

Over the years I’ve worked on and built hundreds of websites – and I’ve worked on the website of almost every client I’ve ever worked with.

WordPress is my thing, I truly believe it’s the best and most scaleable platform. 

I’m absolutely passionate about making sure clients have complete control over their website and are able to manage it completely. 

Whether it’s building a new one if you’ve not got one, migrating your website or sprucing it up, you absolutely won’t regret making the change.

What about hosting?

I always advocate my clients have their own hosting platform they pay for, they can login to and completely control.
  1.  You’re not tied to a single person
  2. You are in complete control
  3. You have full visibility
Now I do have some hosted with me, but they’re generally friends and I’ve warned them if I get hit by a bus then they’ll need to get it moved before my hosting account expires haha.
As a general rule though, run it yourself! Siteground is cheap, good quality and has all sorts of brill features: free SSL, free CDN, free email, they have a great migration tool for email and websites. Plus, if you’re not overly techy, their customer support is brilliant!

So let's have a chat

First of all, we’ll have a chat.

We’ll figure out where you’re currently at, what you want from the website both in terms of functionality and design, and how that fits into your overall business. 

Together we’ll develop a plan that’s right for you and your business and within your budget. 

Let’s make it easy for customers to buy from you! 

Let’s figure out where you’re at, what you need and how to best get you there!

Little about myself »

Hi! I’m Ana

Hi. I’m Ana and I’m the bird behind Virtual Bird.

Clients have described me as "a business fairy", their "wingwoman", a "techie wizz" and a "business doula". 

I genuinely care about helping you make your business a success and helping you have a less chaotic life. 

My job is simple, I make your life easier. Whether that be through tech support, coaching, your online presence or implementing strategies and systems. 

There's no airs and graces here, you'll get down to earth support and hopefully we'll have a laugh along the way!

More About Me...
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