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Why You Need A Mailing List

Why You Need A Mailing List

Take a moment to think about what would be left of your business if Facebook, G+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and every other social network disappeared? A business mailing list will help you in that situation.

For E-Commerce businesses this seems like a total nightmare! This is where the importance of a mailing list really stands out. There have been cases where for one reason or another, a business’ social media profile has been closed down with the business owner having no control over it. In most of these cases, there have been outstanding orders for which money has exchanged hands but order details haven’t been confirmed.

Without social media the business owner had no way to contact the customer. Hours gone to waste. This is where the power of a mailing list is evident. If the customer on the mailing list, a quick email could have been sent and they could resolve the issue. Hours of networking wouldn’t have gone to waste, because the business owner would have still had the contacts on the mailing list.

A mailing list allows you to keep in contact with your likers should anything happen, it allows you to send news direct to their inbox so you know they’ll see it, it allows you to provide them with discounts specifically for them. It’s incredibly easy to rely on social media to run your business, but in order to be sustainable business, you have to be able to promote elsewhere.

Branch out from social media

A mailing list also holds significance for customers who don’t use social media at all. Perhaps you’re standing a craft fair and an elderly customer wants to keep up to date with your business news but doesn’t use social media, you can take their email address (or postal address and post a print out), and the customer relationship is formed.

It’s very easy to create and maintain a mailing list, use Mailchimp to manage your lists, design and send newsletters. Please only add people to your list who have given express permission. Nobody likes inbox spam! Most people find designing a newsletter quite intimidating and time consuming. However it’s quite easy to pick up the ropes, or if you’d rather you can outsource it 🙂

Make it count

You’ve worked really hard to build your business and your customer base. Ensure that you retain it by utilising the important tool that is a mailing list!

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