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Work With Me

If you’d like to work with me, you can find out the options, my approach and the next steps here. 

If there’s something not listed here that you want a hand with, give me a shout, I can probably help or point you in the direction of someone who can. 

Slots may be limited depending on workload but I will always let you know when we can begin working together. 

All of my services and products are centered around helping you and your business reach your full potential. 

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I'm a problem solver

Clients talk to me and tell me what’s going on in their lives and businesses and I present them with a solution. 

Sometimes clients don’t even know what they’re telling me is a problem, it’s just the way it’s always been and they don’t know a better way. 

By understanding how you work, what you do, your daily routine, I can look at it with fresh eyes and implement systems and strategies to make your life easier and less overwhelming. 

Below are just a few ways I can help you grow your business: 

One To One


Need help with the motivation to get thing done? You need my accountability program! 90 days of intensive accountability to hit those goals and targets.


Having an ear to bounce ideas off and get you moving in the right direction can be pivotal. Coaching gives you structure, direction and your own personal cheerleader.

Discovery Call

A triage of your business! We will strip everything back and gain some clarity on your business, your vision and you will get actionable tips on how you can improve what you do.


Want to understand the tools and systems that your business uses? My training sessions guide you through the specific uses for your business to put you in control.

Tech Support


Need a hand overhauling, updating or managing your WordPress website? I specialise in e-commerce store management.


Systems are a crucial aspect of any business and do need ongoing management to ensure they are relevant and working.

Systems Review

Systems are the core of your business, let's do an audit of them and make sure they're working in the most productive way for your business.

Tech Support

Spend your time doing the stuff you like and enjoy rather than tedious admin. Let me take care of that for you.

Courses & Templates

Social Media Templates

Take the stress out of producing content for social media with the social media template pack. A bank of content ideas for you to just tweak to fit your brand.

Product Description Masterclass

Increase your sales with ease by making your product descriptions irresistible. This course teaches you about pain points, SEO, psychology and much more.

The A*D*M*I*N Planner

Learn the key to consistently growing your business, the secrets behind always knowing what actions to take next and how to implement with minimum stress

Let's chat
Let's book a discovery call to find out exactly where you need support

You get an hour of me, focussed entirely on you. We will strip everything back and gain some clarity on your business, your vision and you will get actionable tips on how you can improve what you do. And it’s FREE! It might be that this is all you need to move forward. It might be that one of my other products might be just the ticket, in which case we can set you up and start you off. At the very least, we will have established the initial building blocks of our relationship so that whatever the future holds, we got this together.

I want my discovery call
Little about myself »

Hi! I’m Ana

Hi. I’m Ana and I’m the bird behind Virtual Bird.

Clients have described me as "a business fairy", their "wingwoman", a "techie wizz" and a "business doula". 

I genuinely care about helping you make your business a success and helping you have a less chaotic life. 

My job is simple, I make your life easier. Whether that be through tech support, coaching, your online presence or implementing strategies and systems. 

There's no airs and graces here, you'll get down to earth support and hopefully we'll have a laugh along the way!

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