90 Day Accountability Program

The 90 Day Intensive Accountability Program

Are you struggling to hit your goals?

Excel in business?

Accomplish targets?

You're not alone

Life as an entrepreneur can be tricky. You’re probably an ideas person, and you probably have more ideas than you know what to do with.

On the one hand, this is great. The potential you have to work magic in your business is almost limitless. But often when those ideas take hold actually finding a way to pin them down and create structured systems that enable to actually capitalise on them can be a challenge.

I can help you with that.

Whether we love or hate them, structure, targets and the setting of goals are techniques that all the big success stories in the world of business share. They use them well.

Finding YOUR ways to use them might feel like an unthinkable task, or at least one that is somewhere down at the bottom of your priority list where it never actually makes it on to today.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be really easy.



For the last five years I have been helping business owners like yourself to create structures, routines and plans that actually work FOR THEM and staying by their side so they stay accountable.

It’s not a complex process and it WORKS.

This is a programme of one-to-one support where we work together to create YOUR programme, to meet YOUR needs, in YOUR business.

You don’t get some automated bot churning out pre-prepared hints and tips.

You get me, a real person, who has taken the time to get to know you and your business and who knows what works, and what doesn’t, and is genuinely there on your side.

So here’s the deal.

As you might already have guessed this is a 90 day, intensive, bespoke programme.

It’s purpose is to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

It’s that simple.

Believe me, you can bring about A LOT of changes in 90 days and past clients have been amazed at how much they have been able to achieve in that time with the right support.

How do we do it?

We start by talking. This is about you, after all, so we begin with a 60 minute strategy call. We discuss your goals, aspirations, where you’re at in business right now which will allow us to set 1 big goal and 3 sub goals that will form the basis of your 90 day plan.

Following this call I will create your plan for you. Yep – I do the leg work here. This will take the form of daily actionable tasks that come together to help you to meet your goal.​

If you want to:

Then this 90-day 1-1 intensive accountability program is for you! 

For just £795 you get 90 days of intensive accountability to hit your goals and achieve success! 

So let’s break that down… 

That’s £60 a week, and for that you get unlimited 1-1 support and accountability to hit your goals. 

The weekly coaching sessions are worth £75 if purchased separately

So for £15 a week less, you get that and so much more…

To hit your goals and change your business!

In just 90 days

Here's what participants of the program say:

Working with you keeps me on track, helps me to believe in myself and motivates me when it’s hard working on your own. It’s not just systems and accountability, it’s support and reassurance. We’ve got this
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Gemma Smart
If anyone is sitting on the fence and unsure about this programme - please just go for it! Ana has transformed the way I approach my businesses, and my home life. She has helped me prioritise my time to get the most out of every day instead of running around like a headless chicken, and her knowledge and support is invaluable if you want to move forward and make progress day by day x Thank you Ana 🙏😘
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Kerry Craddock
Ah Ana, this totally resonates! You have helped me transform the chaos of ideas in my head into structured plans, processes and goals, given me much needed guidance on my priorities, and help me on a daily basis with so many different aspects of my business. It’s fantastic having you grow the business alongside me ❤️. And we have a right laugh during our weekly catch ups (unless we’re taking about shipping, because, well that’s just not funny 😂). Thank you for all your support 😘 xxx
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Clare Crocker

Can you imagine?

If you can, then I think you already know that signing up for this programme is going to be a good decision, for both you and your business.

However, we need to know that we’re a good fit. I’m very good at what I do but like all people in business I have my own style and I’m not going to suit everyone.


I also need to know that you are ready for this. This is not a small undertaking – for either of us – and I have no interest in taking your money if I know that we are not likely to actually get you to those goals.

So before either of us makes any commitment at all, we need to talk. Let’s book a call to discover if this program is right for you and we’re a good fit.

Little about myself »

Hi! I’m Ana

Hi. I’m Ana and I’m the bird behind Virtual Bird.

Clients have described me as "a business fairy", their "wingwoman", a "techie wizz" and a "business doula". 

I genuinely care about helping you make your business a success and helping you have a less chaotic life. 

My job is simple, I make your life easier. Whether that be through tech support, coaching, your online presence or implementing strategies and systems. 

There's no airs and graces here, you'll get down to earth support and hopefully we'll have a laugh along the way!

More About Me...
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