VA Tech Support

VA Tech Support

All your tech and admin needs handled, leaving you time to do the important things

Finally tackle that to do list

Just some of the things I can get off your list:

– Listing products on your website
– Writing blogs
– Scheduling social media posts
– Auditing your website
– Creating a newsletter
– Designing graphics

£35 would get you, for example, 25 products listed, or 3 blogs, or a web audit, or a newsletter, or 15 graphics.

Let me know what you need taking off your list and I can help!

Why Outsource?

Stress free solutions

By handing your tech issues over to me, you no longer have to spend hours doing a job you hate!

Get through that list

No doubt you'll have a list as long as your arm full of jobs you have no time or inclination to do. I can take care of that, leaving you to take care of the more important things.

Time Effective

With my years of expertise and training, I can complete a task quickly and efficiently. Making it a good return on investment time and money wise.

Hand over the jobs you hate

You can see elsewhere on this site the many ways that I can work with you to help you with your processes, structure, skills and accountability, but sometimes the most efficient way to deal with a business situation is to outsource.

If you’re struggling with the age old too many things to do – too little time? problem then I can take on some of your load and simply do it for you.

This is how Virtual Bird began. I have quite literally years of experience of taking the headache-inducing tasks out of my clients inboxes, working my magic and handing them back completed.

The chances are, if it’s a job you hate, it’s one I secretly – or not so secretly love. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to detail, to organisation and structure. And if it’s all getting a bit much for you then I will most likely really enjoy getting in there, getting my hands dirty and sorting it all out for you.

Startup sketch on concrete wall

See what a happy customer has to say:

So what kinds of things can I do?

The list is a long one, and honestly, will never be complete. The reason is that every client I work with has their own needs and each job is going to be slightly different.

The list goes on and this is only a snapshot.

At the end of the day if it gives you a headache, then I can probably help.

Book in a free discovery call now and we can discuss your needs and how I can take some of the weight off. It’s free, and is more effective than anything you can get over the counter.

£35 per hour - packages available

Little about myself »

Hi! I’m Ana

Hi. I’m Ana and I’m the bird behind Virtual Bird.

Clients have described me as "a business fairy", their "wingwoman", a "techie wizz" and a "business doula". 

I genuinely care about helping you make your business a success and helping you have a less chaotic life. 

My job is simple, I make your life easier. Whether that be through tech support, coaching, your online presence or implementing strategies and systems. 

There's no airs and graces here, you'll get down to earth support and hopefully we'll have a laugh along the way!

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