Tech Support

You can see elsewhere on this site the many ways that I can work with you to help you with your processes, structure, skills and accountability, but sometimes the most efficient way to deal with a business situation is to outsource.

If you’re struggling with the age old too many things to do – too little time? problem then I can take on some of your load and simply do it for you.

This is how Virtual Bird began. I have quite literally years of experience of taking the headache-inducing tasks out of my clients inboxes, working my magic and handing them back completed.

The chances are, if it’s a job you hate, it’s one I secretly – or not so secretly love. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to detail, to organisation and structure. And if it’s all getting a bit much for you then I will most likely really enjoy getting in there, getting my hands dirty and sorting it all out for you.

So what kinds of things can I do?

The list is a long one, and honestly, will never be complete. The reason is that every client I work with has their own needs and each job is going to be slightly different.

From £35 per hour – package prices available

Customer service

Allow us to manage your emails, social media messages and comments from our virtual office, giving you the time to work on more pressing matters.

This can take many forms including:

  • Email management
  • Responding to messages on your social media channels
  • Responding to responses to your social media posts

Diary management

I can manage your electronic diary for you. I can even create one for you if you don’t have one yet. This may also involve:

  • Booking appointments for you
  • Making travel arrangements on your behalf
  • Creating scheduling systems for you so that your clients can book directly into your calendar.
  • Liaising with you about your schedule on an agreed basis

Word processing & proofing

From letter writing to copy typing and transcribing services, let our speedy typists meet all your word processing needs – no task is too big or too small, and we are fluent in all word processing software.

  • Letter writing
  • Transcribing
  • Formatting copy
  • Proofreading text, from a single email to an entire e-book

Data entry and processing

Whatever database system you use, I’ll know it and can work with it on your behalf in a myriad ways such as:

  • Creating mailing lists
  • Inputting data
  • Integrating systems – such as your database with your email software
  • Creating searches

E-Commerce management

Whether you sell your work through your own website, or a third party, allow us to give you more time to create your products by helping you manage your e-commerce. With experience on various third party websites – Etsy; Folksy; Ebay, etc – a Virtual Bird VA can assist you in tasks such as: writing product descriptions; updating your shop; SEO; networking; and much more. These can be done on an ad-hoc basis, or you can book our fully comprehensive 3rd Party E-Commerce Package which includes an in depth audit, policy writing, site management and networking.

The list goes on and this is only a snapshot.

At the end of the day if it gives you a headache, then I can probably help.

Book in a free discovery call now and we can discuss your needs and how I can take some of the weight off. It’s free, and is more effective than anything you can get over the counter.