Business Coaching

Business Coaching

As an entrepreneur it’s easy to feel as though we’re out on our own.

Those of us who have worked in other fields may remember the times when we had colleagues to share our challenges with, ready-made systems to rely on and a management team to help keep things organised and who had our backs.

As a small business owner being all of those things for yourself can be challenging.

But it doesn’t have to be.

The monthly coaching package is designed for those who:


The structure is simple. We simply set a date for an hour long coaching call. Every Week. For as long as you need it.

Because what you gain with this is your own, personal cheerleader.

You go from being a solo business owner, to having someone to turn to.

Facing a new business challenge but not sure how to tackle it?

Bring it to your weekly session and we will work it out.

Got an idea for a new product but need someone to bounce it off?

Bring it to your weekly session and we will explore it together.

Something goes wrong and you don’t know how to fix it?

Bring it to your weekly session and I’ll help you work it out.

Something goes wrong and you fix it but need to rant about it?

Bring it to your weekly session and I will listen.

Something goes really, really right???

Bring it to your weekly session and we will celebrate together!

It’s not just about the calls though.

With the ongoing Coaching Programme after every call you will also receive:

So even if your mind moves on after we’ve spoken and the details of each conversation are forgotten you will still have everything you need to make the most from it.


What will we discuss?

This is a business support service and with that in mind most clients find it useful to focus on one or two specific areas of their business in each call. These can be as varied as you need them to be but some examples might be:

All in all this is an ongoing programme of coaching designed to keep you on track with your business and your goals.

Together we will get you comfortable and confident with working on your business to achieve success. Whether it be marketing, sales, lead generation, motivation, accountability or plain and simple common sense action, together we will tackle it all.

For just £296 per month we’ll make the world your oyster!

Let's Chat

The chances are that if you’ve got this far, you think we might have a chance at something beautiful as well.

Then book yourself a discovery call...

You get an hour of me, focused entirely on you.

We will strip everything back and gain some clarity on your business, your vision and you will get actionable tips on how you can improve what you do.

And it’s FREE!

It might be that this is all you need to move forward.

It might be that one of my other products might be just the ticket, in which case we can set you up and start you off.

At the very least, we will have established the initial building blocks of our relationship so that whatever the future holds, we got this together.