Concept to Launch Package

Do you have an incredible idea for a business?


Are you chomping at the bit to get going on your One Big Idea but don’t have the time to do it justice?


You are not alone.


Before any new business gets launched there is a massive amount of work that needs to happen behind the scenes. Some of that work needs some quite specialist skills to be done well.


So what do you do, when you’re desperate to launch, know you can run that business like a dream once it is out there in the world, but haven’t the foggiest idea how to get it off the ground.


You call me, and my team, and we do it for you.


That’s right. We will have your business ready for launch with all of the components nailed.


Just like that.


How does it work?


We start with a clarity coaching call. You tell me your big idea and together we map out an initial plan for your month-to-launch.


Over the course of that month you will have a total of four coaching calls to make sure we cover everything you need to get going, including:


  • Business Vision
  • Goals
  • Target Market
  • Business Basics
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Email marketing


In between those clarity coaching sessions there will be a lot going on in the background.


As I mentioned earlier some of the things you need to launch well include specialist skills to set up, so I will be pulling in a few other professionals on your behalf to get your business fully ready to rock and roll.


You may not need all of these depending on what it is you’re launching, but those that will work for you, my team and I will create for you:


*           A website

*           Full branding package

*           Facebook/ Google Ad Set up

*           Social media set up

*           Email marketing set up

*           Marketing funnel set up

*           Documents such as agreements, privacy policies and terms of use


Some of these, such as the branding, will require you to work one-to-one with the other carefully selected professionals on my team, but this will all be discussed and agreed with you in your first call.


In addition to this, you’ll also receive a printed copy of the Virtual Bird’s Guide to Business to use as an ongoing reference on your new business journey.


This package is quite literally the one-stop-shop to getting your business launched.


From idea to fully fledged business, just like that.


What are you waiting for?