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Over in my Virtual Bird’s Business Support Group, I asked some of the lovely business owners in there what they’d like me to cover in the blog this week – Kirsty asked me to cover copywriting, and I love to take suggestions and requests for the blog, so that’s this week’s topic.

Before I get on with the blog post I just want to invite you all to join the group. It’s a fun group full of business owners that all support each other! It’s really lonely to be a small business owner sometimes and this group is always there for each other. We’ve talked about insurance, photography, marketing and much more – if you have a question, generally between us we can answer it and offer advice!

Your Products

I can see why Kirsty requested this as the blog post for this week because it’s a difficult one. The only thing the customer has to go off is your words and the pictures you provide.

There are so many things pictures can’t show, despite the fact that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I love that phrase because it inspires people to take amazing pictures, however there are just some senses that you can’t convey in a picture; sound, touch, smell, taste (if applicable).

The key to writing when trying to sell people a product is to include as much information as you possibly can. Make the customer feel as if they’re right there touching your product, seeing it with their own eyes and feeling it in their hands.

Describe the texture, the weight, the little details that a camera might not pick up on, the smell, and the finish.

To give you an idea of what I mean I’ve compiled a few examples for you below; the business owners have graciously allowed me to use their pictures so do pop by and admire their goodies! I’ve tried to vary the products I’ve used just to give you a broad range of examples.

Please note, all of the details used in the examples are completely made up and are in no way a representation of the products themselves, purely just to give you an idea.

First up is this fabric from Caboodle Textiles – Pop on over to their website and Facebook to see the full range of gorgeousness (I’m a bit addicted!)

Basic Description

Grey bird jersey fabric on an off white background. Measures 2 metres.

Luxurious Description

This soft jersey is adorned with gorgeous grey birds on an off white background. Measuring 2 metres, this fabric is perfect for so many projects including dresses, tops and harems. The pattern is really adorable and the soft monochrome lends itself really well to various textile projects. The feel of this fabric will leave you just wanting to stroke it as it feels sumptuously smooth and breathable. The drape of this fabric works wonderfully with items that need a curve without feeling weighed down. Every sewer will want this as part of their fabric collection, even if they can’t bear to cut up the cuteness!

Next up is this cake topper from Box of Memories – You can find them on Facebook and their Etsy shop to see their full range of loveliness!

Basic Description

Gold glittered cake topper measuring 10cm high and 25cm wide.

Luxurious Description

This beautiful gold glittered cake topper will be a fabulous addition to any cake. Measuring a generous 10cm high and 25cm wide it’s sure to be the show stopper of your occasion. Suitable for weddings, engagement parties, birthdays and much more, the “Finally” wording can symbolise waiting an eternity for something – particularly perfect for eager brides! The shiny glitter sparkles and adds a touch of glamour to proceedings. It’s a brilliant way to add a finishing touch to your cake without a lot of effort. Each cake topper is made from wood which means it’s sturdy enough to last throughout your special day and then can be kept as a keepsake too!

Finally we have this gorgeous yarn from Hooking Marvellous Yarns who can be found on Facebook and Etsy so you can marvel at the amazing colours.

Basic Description

Set of 4ply rainbow hand dyed rainbow yarn – 50g per skein

Luxurious Description

This bright set of 4ply rainbow yarn contains 10 skeins of yarn, each a vibrant colour of the rainbow and weighing 50g. Each skein is hand-dyed in our Devon studio, surrounded by swathes of English countryside. The inspiration for this colourway came from watching a rainbow fall across the sky one afternoon, and we wanted to immortalise that beauty with this set. The soft yarn will be a dream to crochet or knit, leaving the finished product worthy of snuggling with or wearing. Suitable for socks, blankets, clothing, hats and so much more. Armed with your favourite hook and this mesmerising yarn, the possibilities are endless!


As you can see from the above examples, the “M & S” style writing really comes into play and makes the customer envision your product in their home or life.

Using positive descriptive vocabulary when talking about your products gives a great impression of your products, as opposed to the basic information which doesn’t inspire customers.

I hope this little blog post with examples has given you a clearer idea of how to write to sell, but if you’re still struggling give me a shout 🙂

Happy Weekend!

Ana x

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  • Nicki Cawood| 2nd January 2018

    A lovely post. I write a lot of product descriptions for clients (for example Christmas ones in July!) and am very M&S. I’ve never heard it described as that before, however, you’re spot on.
    The difference in sales with better descriptions is easy to see and it’s better for consumers too. I want to be romanced by a product before I part with my hard-earned cash to buy it!

    • admin| 2nd January 2018

      Thanks for your comment Nicki, yes I know exactly what you mean in terms of parting with your hard earned cash! It’s so important to know it will be value to your life! 🙂
      Ana x

  • Lisa Standley| 9th January 2018

    I need to ‘sex up’ my product descriptions this month. This has been really helpful, thank you

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