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Tomorrow is the start of June, a fresh month and a new chance to set more goals.

The start of the month is always a brilliant time to refresh what you want to achieve, where you’re heading and reflect on the previous month.

“Experts” say that 90 days is an optimum time to set a target or a goal because it’s not too short and unrealistic but also not too long and putting you at a risk of losing momentum.

Tomorrow I want you to sit down and work out your goals for the next 90 days. Personally, I prefer to set 3 goals for each area of my life – Personal, Home, Work, Hobbies and Development.

I find it much easier to decide on an outcome and then set goals surrounding the outcome – so if I want to lose weight, my personal goals will be working to that big outcome. The more specific the goal, the better, “lose weight” is really broad and isn’t teneable.

I make sure each of the goals vary in degrees of intesity, push myself, but are also attainable. By doing this, I know that each month I’ll have acheived something and in some cases developed habits – even if I don’t complete them all.

Here’s an example of monthly goals you could set:


  • Exercise twice a week
  • Only order one takeout in the month
  • Eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day


  • Fix the wobbly hinge on the cupboard door
  • Repaint the spare room
  • Dig out the new border


  • Sew in the ends of my crochet project
  • Cut out the pattern for my dress
  • Piece together the patchwork quilt


  • Finish the last chapter of my book
  • Listen to 2 podcasts
  • Meditate daily


  • Gain one new client
  • Write 5 blogs
  • Film 3 promotional videos

Again, these are all examples of things you could set to achieve, and it doesn’t have to be in each category, or 3 goals or any of the things I’ve listed. The beauty of goal setting is it’s completely up to you and personalised to whatever you want to achieve.

We’ll be talking goals in the Entrepreneur Support Group so come and join us and let us know how you get on!

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